Exotic Pet Boarding

Do you own an exotic pet that needs to be attended to while you’re away?

Kingsmark Kennels provides boarding accommodations for a wide variety of exotic pets (i.e. pets other than dogs or cats). Typical types of exotic pets we accommodate include:Rabbits, Birds, Iguanas,Bearded Dragons,Turtles, Fish, Mini Pigs, Hamsters,Mice, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Ferrets.

General Guidelines

We have limited suites for exotics, so we will most likely ask that you provide the enclosure for your pet along with any food and ample bedding.

If you have questions regarding the possible boarding of your exotic pet, we encourage you to contact us to discuss in detail how we may be able to accommodate your pet’s needs.
Don't Forget About

The Works Package!

Make life even easier and sweeter by signing your pooch up for “The Works” 3 Night Minimum $90 a night for one pet with “Everything Included in This One”!
  • All Inclusive suite of choice
  • No Late Check Out Fee
  • Spa Services including a Bath, Brush, Nails, Breath Freshener and Facial before picking up
  • Evening Turn Down Service with gourmet bakery treat of choice!
* Multi Pet Discount of $10 per pet (or $80/per pet)
Boarding for Exotic Animals

Requirements and Recommendations

The health of your exotic pet is our priority. To ensure their continued while in our care, we ask that that you provide evidence of the following:
  • Ferrets: Current on rabies and distemper
  • Birds: Complete avian veterinarian physical exam
  • Other Exotic Pets: We do not have specific requirements but we do recommend an annual physical exam

Exotic Boarding Rates

  • 1 Animal Boarding $20.00 A Day
Minimum Wage

Resort Fee

  • All invoices include a 10% resort fee on any and all services provided.
Kingsmark Kennels take great pride in providing phenomenal care to each & every guest with exceptional customer service. In order to maintain this level of excellence, KMK will not only be complying with Flagstaff’s New minimum wage requirements but exceeding them to ensure that your beloved pet is being cared for by some of the best pet care professionals in the industry. Thank You.
Our Charges

How They Apply

  • Charges begin on the day the guest arrival as the suite is held all day
  • If the guest is picked up before 12 pm on the checkout day no charges will apply for that day
  • If the guest is picked up after 12 pm, a late check-out of $24 will be applied per pet as opposed to being charged a full day of boarding
  • Charges begin on the day the guest arrival as the suite is held all day

Don't Get Overcharged

Hate getting charged for 2 days of boarding when your pet didn't even stay a full 24 hours?! We don't blame you! Here at Kingsmark you don't have to worry about paying an arm and leg if you check out in the afternoon. Go ahead, enjoy your trip all the way till 6 pm and only incur a late check out fee of $24 per pet! Need to pick them up early? No worries, we open up at 6 am Monday through Sunday! This lets you get your best friend, not pay for another day of boarding and get to work on time! Now that sounds like a winning game plan!
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What Makes Kingsmark

Flagstaff's Best Kennel?

The dedication that we have for every guest, client and camper is unlike any you will find in Northern Arizona! Our state of the art facility provides luxury accommodations, stimulating activities and amenities that are unrivaled. Your pet will receive only the best care and dedication when they join the KMK family!
Our mission is to be Northern Arizona’s premier boarding resort providing excellent service with exceptional care in a clean and comfortable environment. We promise to treat your pet like a part of the family and ensure that they will have a safe home away from home. Thank you for entrusting us with your animals!

From Our Wonderful Clients

  • "Kingsmark Kennel is top notch. The staff are all so kind and take such good care of the guests! The animals I have seen coming in are so excited to be there. My personal experience has been amazing. I have a spoiled, skittish puppy that the staff at Kingsmark have been working with. They have treated her with such love and kindness that I will forever be grateful for. I highly recommend this Kennel!!"
    - Lynn R.