Feline Condos

The Cat Loft


Looking for an exceptional resort to pamper your fur-ball? Look no further! Our specialty is to spoil each and every feline that stays in our kitty-corner!

Our large accommodations offer a roomy yet cozy environment where each guest can rest comfortably in their private condo. Our feline specialists tend to these well-loved pets all throughout the day, rotating them into kitty corners, filled with buckets of toys, cat trees galore, and entertainment on their very own 55″ TV!

Let’s not forget the multiple opportunities these kitties will get to spectate all of our beautiful feathered friends that dine at the bird feeder located right outside the window, as well as watching all of our canine friends coming and going throughout the day. An experience your cat will thank you for!

Kittie Lofts

Our specialty is to spoil each and every feline!

The Kitty Condos Are located in a separate room off of the office

Our spacious condos give our feline pals plenty of space for the purrrrfect lounging experience

Cats have a great view outside, so they don't miss a thing!

The Cats are rotated into a larger play arena where they have access to tons of cat trees, toys galore and 55" TV!!

Each Cat gets individual time in the play arena

Our cat specialist tends to our furry friends 24 hours a day!!

Daily One on one purr time with a pet tech per day

House Food or Personal

House Treaties or Personal

Medication Administration if needed

Maintained climate of 72 degrees year round

Kittie Loft Rates

1 Cat Boarding - $35.00 A Day

$10.00 Discount per animal sharing the same suite

$15.00 Late Checkout / Day Care Fee

Holidays + $10.00 Per Pet Per Night

$100.00 Deposit Required for All Holiday Reservations

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