What Resort Activities

Does Kingsmark Kennels Offer?

All Day Play Package

Boarding guests participate in Doggy Day Camp Activities all day.

Outdoor Adventure Package

Walk. Cookie or Frozen yogurt. Cuddle Mat Upgrade.

Snug N' Play Package

Pampered Pooch. Cookie or Frozen yogurt. Cuddle Mat Upgrade.

Romp N' Play Package

Pooch Pal. Cookie or Frozen yogurt. Cuddle Mat Upgrade.

Pampered Pooch

One on one play time with a certified counselor for 30 minutes.


30 Minute walk through out the neighborhood.

Pooch Pal

Dogs are matched in a group of 5 by size and temperament and supervised by a certified counselor. They participate in activities for 30 minutes.
Don't Forget About

The Works Package!

Make life even easier and sweeter by signing your pooch up for “The Works” 3 Night Minimum 75 a night for one pet with “Everything Included in This One”!
  • All Inclusive suite of choice
  • No Late Check Out Fee
  • Spa Services including a Bath, Brush, Nails, Breath Freshener and Facial before picking up
  • Evening Turn Down Service with gourmet bakery treat of choice!
* Multi Pet Discount of $10 per pet (or $65/per pet)

Can my family members stay in the same suite?

Of course! We are more than happy to keep your family members together as well as give them a multi pet discount of $5.00 per pet.

What amenities do you offer guests?

Cuddle Mat Upgrades. Bakery Cookies. Frozen Yogurts. Medication administration. Grain house food. Grain free house food.

What shots do you require for cats?

Rabies. Feline Distemper. Feline Leukemia.

What shots do you require for dogs?

Rabies. Dhpp. Bordetella with in the last 6 months.

What holidays are you closed?

NONE! We are open ALL holidays!

Do you socialize cats?

We do not socialize cats. We have found that they prefer to have their own personal space

Can I pick up my pet after 6 pm?

Yes. We do offer after hours appointments for pickups and drop offs at no additional fee! All pick up's must have a deposit on account or call to pay for stay, in order to be checked out in our computer system by 6 pm.

Can my pet be socialized without supervision?

No. For the safety of every guest that boards or enrolls in Romp N' Play Doggy Day Camp, they must be under direct supervision in order to play with other animals.

What if my pet needs medication? Can you administer it every 12 hours?

Medication administration is an additional service for only $2 per administration. All medications are kept in a locked medication cabinet and are only accessible by the shift managers. Since we have 24 hour animal care, all medications are given exactly 12 hours a part. We keep meticulous record of who administered it, what was administered and what time it was administered. This ensure the highest standard of care for every guest needing medication.

Why do you not accept outside bedding?

Kingsmark prefers to keep a controlled environment. Being in Northern cool pines of Arizona we do not have a concern about fleas or ticks though we are surrounded by a lot of warmer areas, where fleas and ticks are more prevalent because of this we do not accept outside bedding. All of our linens are professionally cleaned by a service daily, which allows our guests to have clean bedding every morning. You are more than welcome to upgrade your pet's bedding to a plush cuddle mat for only $3 day.

How many times do dogs get exercised?

Our boarding facility has indoor, indoor/outdoor and luxury suites with personal courtyards. Guests who book an indoor suite are rotated into one of the 35 exercise yards from 6 am to 6 pm depending on the dogs breed and weather. Guests who occupy an indoor/outdoor or luxury suite have access to the outside all through out the day as well as get rotated into one of the 35 exercise yards. All of our guests are tucked in around 8pm allowing them an evening potty break before bed. A night Attendant keeps a loving eye on every guest through out the night.

Do I have to bring my pets own food?

We highly recommend that you bring your pets own food at no extra charge to avoid upset tummies. Please label everything! If you have a specific scoop that you use, please bring it, as we like to keep all of our guest on the same amount of food that you feed at home. We do have a full-size fridge with a freezer and are more than happy to accommodate wet foods, raw diets or snacks that need refrigeration. If you forget your pet's food, no worries, we have Grain Free House Food for $3/day.

Does Kingsmark sell bordetella or Dhpp and can they give it to my pet?

Yes! We sell Dhpp and Bordetella for $15. No, Kingsmark can not administer any vaccinations to your pet as we are not a licensed vet.

Is it OK for my pet to get vaccinations at drop off?

Yes, as long as they have had the first set of shots, it is perfectly fine.

How do I sign up for pet rewards?

Pet rewards are offered through our APP. Just download the Kingsmark Kennels APP through Play-store or the App-Store to have access to loyalty passes, coupons and tons of discounts.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes! Kingsmark is a military family and not only offers a 10% military discount to active duty but anyone that has served retired or not!

How large are your boarding suites?

Our suites are the LARGEST available in Northern Arizona! Each standard suite is 120 sq ft. During high occupancy our suites are 80 sq ft. Our smallest suites are bigger then other facilities large kennels.

What Do I need to bring with me to board my pet?

Proof of shot records. Your pets food and any special treats. Kingsmark provides all of the bedding, dishes and toys for each and every guest.

Is Someone With My Pet at Night?

Yes! We are the only boarding facility in Northern Arizona that offers 24 hour animal care! A night attendant is on the property from 6pm to 6am, making rounds throughout the night and keeping a loving eye on each and every guest.

What is the youngest age for boarding?

We take puppies as young as 6 weeks with their first set of shots and a bordetella.

Are guests required to have flea and tick treatments?

No. Since we are located in the cooler part of Northern Arizona, we do not have an abundant problem with fleas and ticks. Kingsmark also prefers a controlled environment, asking clients to leave all of their pets bedding at home as to not bring in any unwanted visitors. Each guest is provided with a fresh linen daily.

What happens if my pet needs medical attention?

All accounts are required to have medical consents on file. If a guest needs medical attention, we refer to the consent form and proceed with the option initialed. We attempt to remain in contact with the owner through out the entire process.

May I visit the pet resort in advance?

Absolutely!! We encourage everyone to come out and take a look at what Northern Arizona's premiere resort has to offer. Our tours are offered from Monday Thru Sunday from 6am to 6pm. Tours are limited during a holiday as we are extremely busy and have a lot of guests to tend to. Please plan ahead to tour the facility if it is over a holiday, to ensure you know what our resort has to offer.

What accommodations do you offer for felines?

Our accommodations are clearly the best choice for your feline friend! Our spacious condos offer our kitty guests plenty of room to stretch while enjoying a great view through the large bay window! Our play room galore, gives each guest access to cat tree houses and hiding places full of adventure and entertainment on a 55" flat screen.

Do you groom cats?

Not at this location. Though our groomer at our second location on Steve's Blvd does an amazing job with cats!

What are your office hours?

6 am to 6 pm Monday through Sunday.

Do you have doggie day care?

Yes! Our Romp N' Play doggy day camp is one of our most popular services that we offer. Our interactive camp is a jam packed with activities that will keep your pooch busy all day! Have a pet that does not socialize well? We offer doggy day care as well, where pet's can interact with only certified counselors and enjoy plenty of exercise, with out the worry. Whether you want them to participate in group play or come for a one on one pampering, we have the perfect facility to keep your friend fulfilled all day!

Can anybody visit or take out my pet while they are a guest at Kingsmark Kennels?

Yes. As long as we have all visitors information on file so we may ID as needed. If you are having a friend or family member pick up please make sure their names are added on file as well as having arrangements for payment made in advance.

Can I pick up Sunday Mornings?

Yes! We open at 6 am and give everyone the opportunity to check out by noon and avoid additional charges. If you check out past 12 pm, a late check out fee of $18 per pet will apply until 6 pm.

Do you offer Executive Suites?

Absolutely!! Our luxurious accommodations offer private rooms with cozy cot beds, flat screen HD TV'S, Direct TV, climate controlled with constant air exchange and a personal courtyard. It truly is the finest luxury available for your pets in Flagstaff!

How many yards do you have?

Our country oasis has over 35 heavily treed and shaded play yards! Our facility is completely private surrounded by a 6 ft block wall, which protects our guests from the elements and provides privacy.

Do you offer grooming?

Yes, we offer full service baths, De-sheds, Coconut oil treatments and Mani-pedi's, No haircuts at this location! Our salon, Ruff N' Cuts at Kingsmark gives our guest's a 5-star experience and pampers each guest who stay or come for the day, all they need is an appointment.

Is your boarding facility climate controlled?

Yes! Our entire facility has central heating and cooling. We maintain the thermostat at a temperature of 70 to 72 degrees year round. Our state of the art system is 96% efficient with constant air exchange.

Do my pets need to be spayed or neutered to stay at your facility?

Nope! We do not require your pets to be spayed or neutered to be at the boarding facility. Our resort is the largest boarding kennel in Flagstaff and has plenty of space to accommodate a variety of guests with different needs.

Can my animal get sick while staying at the resort?

Yes. Any animal can catch an airborne virus. It is very similar to sending your kids to school. Even though they had all their shots, despite your best effort they still caught a cold. The same can occur in a kennel. We maintain meticulous cleaning regiments, state of the art air purification and make sure all guests are current on vaccinations. This allows us to keep a clean and healthy facility.
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What Makes Kingsmark

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The dedication that we have for every guest, client and camper is unlike any you will find in Northern Arizona! Our state of the art facility provides luxury accommodations, stimulating activities and amenities that are unrivaled. Your pet will receive only the best care and dedication when they join the KMK family!
Our mission is to be Northern Arizona’s premier boarding resort providing excellent service with exceptional care in a clean and comfortable environment. We promise to treat your pet like a part of the family and ensure that they will have a safe home away from home. Thank you for entrusting us with your animals!

From Our Wonderful Clients

  • "Zoe has enjoyed her stays here for the past 3 years. She will miss you when she relocates back to CA next week. Best wishes for the coming new year."
    - Flagstaff, AZ.