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Hiking and Camping With Your Dog

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Avid outdoors people swear that a dog can appreciate a spectacular panoramic view as much as a human can. But when bringing your dog along on a camping or backpacking trip you need to make extra plans specifically for your pooch. Some things to think about: Make sure your dog is vaccinated,...

Border Collie

The Sheep Herding Dog

Border Collie
Country of Origin: Great Britain Height: 18–22 inches Weight: 27–45 pounds Coat: Two varieties—moderately long double coat is close, dense, weather resistant, with coarse, straight or wavy, moderately long outer coat and soft, short, dense undercoat; smooth double coat, short and coarser...

Dog Travel Tips

It Can Be Fun

Dog Travel Tips
Traveling with your dog? Good for you! More people are traveling with their pets than ever before. Taking your dog or cat with you on a vacation can be a wonderful experience. In fact, it can be fun to travel with your dog on business trips, site seeing and of course, home for the holidays. Here...

Muddy Paws: A Dog Owners Guide to Spring

Spring Brings New Opportunities

Muddy Paws: A Dog Owners Guide to Spring
The arrival of Spring is a joyous occasion. The snows of winter are finally gone, and dog owners once can again go outside and play with their pets. Spring brings new opportunities for dog owners, to be sure, but also challenges, and the need for new gear- both for you and your pet. Here is a...

Dog Executive Suites

Dog Executive Suites for Boarding in Flagstaff Arizona

Executive Suites with dog furniture and flat screen TV’S.

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Doggie Day Camp

Doggie Day Camp in Flagstaff Arizona

Have your friend get regular activity on a daily basis.

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Why We're Different

Our Doggie Camp Activities in Flagstaff Arizona

Activities filled with fun for your friend to let loose!

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