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About Kingsmark Kennels

Over 50 Years in the Pet Care industry.

The History of Kingsmark Kennels

Our Boarding Facilities in Flagstaff, AZ.

Kingsmark was established in 1962. It began with the passion and love for the collie breed and was founded by John J. Kavanagh. After finishing college and becoming the youngest real-estate broker in Flagstaff and the “Founding Father” of Coconino Community College, he wanted to put his distinct mark on the rough collie as well as boarding facilities in Northern Arizona, so he decided to offer Flagstaff an alternative to the same old idea of dog boarding. Thus began Kingsmark Kennels as a pet resort. The business paved the way for a higher standard of what a pet care should be like.

Kingsmark Kennels is the only 2nd Generation boarding kennel in Flagstaff, AZ. Never being sold or turned over to new owners. Over the last 55 years our entire family helped make Kingsmark the Best pet care facility available in Northern Arizona.

We are the only kennel in Flagstaff, AZ that is a part of American Kennel Club as well as International Boarding and Pet Care Service Association. Our entire staff goes through independent certification. We stay up to date with current events as well as taking pride in sponsoring a lot of Northern Arizona’s adoption and rescue events. We work very closely with Paws for Placement, Rescue Round Up, Rez Rescue and High Country Puppy Rescue helping homeless animals find forever homes.

John J. Kavanagh unexpectedly passed away on August 5th 2010. We miss him beyond words and know that he is forever smiling down upon us. His daughter Shannon and son in law Rich have now taken over the family business and look forward to continuing the high standards that john had set forth. He definitely put his mark on boarding facilities in Flagstaff Arizona and has now given his family a chance to do the same. Thank You to everyone in the community for voting Kingsmark Kennels “The Best Kennel"!

The Employees of Kingsmark Kennels in Northern Arizona

Our Pet Care Certified Staff in Flagstaff Arizona

International Boarding & Pet Services Association

Kingsmark employees go through vigorous training and Pet Care Certification. Our entire staff is Pet CPR and First Aide Certified and focuses on exceptional service to our clients as well as our guest's! Each staff member is an essential part of the Kingsmark team and serves to make our reputation even stronger.

  • John

    John Kavanagh (Founder)

    John Kavanagh was born March 3rd 1948 and passed away August 5th 2010. He attended ASU and graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Science degree. His love for dogs began in 1962 when he followed his passion for breeding collies, thus was the beginning of Kingsmark Kennels. He then went on to becoming a professional handler in 1975, where he traveled all over the country. He had successfully showed Kingsmark Collies for over 49 years. He has had over 50 champions and were still counting! John’s dedication to animals also turned into a career of caring for them. He was Northern Arizona’s most experienced kennel owner! He will forever be missed and never forgotten!

  • Shannon

    Shannon Gottschammer (Owner)

    John left an amazing legacy for his daughter Shannon Gottschammer to carry on. She was born and raised with animals her entire life. Shannon began Showing dogs at the age of 5 and had her first champion at 7.She is going to continue showing and breeding her father’s amazing line of champion collies as well as mainting the distinctive mark on the collie breed. She is Passionate about four legged friends and could not be happier to take over the family business. With almost 30 years of life experience, you could say she is now Northern Arizona’s most experienced kennel owner!

  • Rich

    Rich Gottschammer (Owner)

    Rich Gottschammer has lived in Flagstaff, AZ since the year 2000. Shannon and Rich were married in 2007 and thus began his journey into the family business. He was originally a small town boy from Belleville, IL who went right into the Marine Corps at age 18. After accomplishing his goals as a marine, he became a hardware representive for a company out of Texas, which led him to Arizona in the year 2000. Rich has always been involved in the inner workings of the kennel and now has accompanied Shannon in making Kingsmark the finest pet facility Flagstaff has to offer.

  • Peter

    Peter Casey - In Our Hearts

    Peter Casey was born in Albuquerque N. M. in June 1975 & came to Flagstaff in Oct 1981, where he resided until he passed on August 12th 2013. He attended St Mary's, Cromer elementary, Flagstaff middle school and graduated from Coconino high school. A good portion of his life was spent in the dog show business, riding horses and in the boarding kennel industry. He had also been engaged in construction and the heating and cooling industry in multiple commercial areas in Flagstaff. His sister and brother-in-law were fortunate to have him be a part of the family business and miss him more than he will ever know.

  • Darin

    Darin - Maintenance Manger

    Darin currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he handles all of our maintenance needs at Kingsmark. Before settling down, he attended Wenatchee Community College and North Pioneer College. He loves attending Pow-Wows and is fluent in his native Dine’ language. Having a safe environment for our guests is imperative and he takes great pride in being able to provide it for Kingsmark. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our family.

  • Cindy

    Cindy - Groomer

    Cindy is a native Arizonian born in Tucson, Arizona. Her journey began on a ranch where there was an abundance of animals for her to care for. She loves horses and grew up barrel racing at a young age. While in Tucson she started working as a vet tech at a 24-hour emergency clinic, where she learned how to groom. Twenty-five years later she’s still grooming and loving every minute of it. Her passions are riding horses, loving on her dogs, hiking and camping. Cindy is not only one of Northern Arizona’s premier groomers, but is also kindhearted. We are blessed to have her as part of the Kingsmark family!

  • Don

    Donald - Night Attendant

    Donald aka Don reigns from Camp Verde. He currently resides in Flagstaff with his girlfriend and 2 dogs Stink & Buck. In his spare time he enjoys sports, such as football, soccer, disc golf and golf, as well as catching the latest movies out on Netflix. He enjoys the fulfillment he gets from being able to care for each and every guest. We are extremely appreciative of his meticulous cleaning regimen and attention to detail. Our guests are in safe hands with Don on nights!

  • Jamie

    Jamie - Shift Manager

    Jamie was born and raised in Chandler, AZ. She moved to Flagstaff a year ago with her boyfriend Jon and are loving the cooler weather! She has been a vegetarian for over 10 years and her goal in life is to open an animal sanctuary, to save as many lives as possible. She has two small dogs herself, Reptar and Rex, who are both rescues! All the guests love her sweet personality and exceptional care they receive. She is defiantly a gem!

  • Rachelle

    Rachelle - Lead Office Tech

    Rachelle is home grown, born and raised in Flagstaff! She loves, loves, loves animals and currently has over 16 of her own at home ranging from dogs and cats to horses and goats! In her free time, she enjoys hunting and training her horses. One of her aspirations in life is to become a certified vet tech and continue a career in the animal industry. We are thrilled to have her out in camp, maintaining a safe yet fun environment!

  • Renee

    Renee - Animal Care Manager

    Renee is also a home grown, born and raised in Flagstaff, AZ! She grew up around horses, cows, chickens, pigs and of course, dogs! Animals have always been a passion for her as she spent most of her free time helping local rescues, like Second Chance with fundraising and donations through the Animal Society Club. Other hobbies she enjoys is horseback riding, hiking and swimming. Renee is currently going to school to major in marine biology and minoring in zoology. Her spunky attitude and big heart make her a great assest to Kingsmark!

  • Tony

    Tony - Camp Counselor/Kennel Tech

    Tony was born in Washington, though moved all around the country until he landed in Flagstaff about a year ago. In his adventures across the country, tony became a part of the traveling circus act, where he learned how to become a professional flame thrower! Pretty Cool! He recently married the love of his life in Oct 2017 and is enjoying being a family man. All the campers love Tony as much as he loves them! Kingsmark is proud to have such a great guy a part of the team!

  • Ryan

    Ryan - Night Attendant

    Ryan was born in Prescott and raised in Prescott Valley Arizona. A needed change brought him up to Flagstaff after finishing school. He enjoys hiking, video games, the card game Magic the Gathering and short walks to the fridge. His housemates are coonhound mix named Lilith and short haired cat named Charlie, who are large and in charge at home. In his spare time, he also has become an amateur home brewer, making a beverage called mead. This alcoholic drink is made from honey and is one of the oldest beverages ever made. Ryan loves all the guests as if they were his own and does a fabulous job keeping them comfortable and safe at night! How fortunate we are to have him as a part of Kingsmark line up.

  • Daisy

    Daisy - Night Attendant

    Daisy was born and raised right here in Flagstaff, Arizona! She was an exceptional student and graduated from Coconino High School. Her love for animals has lead her down a path where she aspires to become a professional dog trainer and help families enjoy their perfect pet! She has three roommates, A dog named clover and two rats, Salt and Pepper! When she’s not loving on all the guests at work, she enjoys playing video games, scuba diving, hula hooping and teaching clover new tricks! Her attention to detail and passion for the industry has made her a perfect match for Kingsmark!

  • Alexis

    Alexis - Lead Kennel Tech

    Alexis resided most of her life in Kentucky until she moved to Arizona in August 2016. She has had animals all her life and enjoys reading, being outside and hiking with her two dogs, Zeta and Laika. At a young age she aspired to be a vet though shifted into biology and animal care. Over the past 10 years, Alexia has taken great pride in providing exceptional care for animals in wide variety of different Industries. Her knowledge and experience contribute to Kingsmark’s continuing success and we are grateful to have her!

  • Kala

    Kala - Shift Manager

    Kala was raised and graduated from high school in Vancouver B.C. She then moved to Arizona to attend ASU where she majored in Economics and minored in Spanish. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, traveling, cooking and loving on animals! Her BFF is a French bulldog named Mr. Toasty Biscuit, who enjoys all of Kala’s great cooking! Her joy for life and great sense of humor have made it an absolute pleasure to have as a part of the Kingsmark family!

  • Blake

    Blake - Lead Kennel Tech

    Blake is a Southern California native who works weekends at Kingsmark. During the week, he writes fiction and poetry. He aspires to be a published writer and, one day, a full-fledged novelist! Blake often treats the guests to riveting narratives and stories just before their bedtime! We are lucky to have such a great induvial spoiling all our guests!

  • Ingrid

    Ingrid - Camp Counselor/Kennel Tech

    Ingrid is a native Southern Californian. She moved to Flagstaff to escape the desert and earn a degree in English. In her free time Ingrid enjoys photography, being with her fiancée and reading. Originally more of a cat person at heart, she has grown to love the pups she cares for and all their unique personalities! Her spunky personality and love for animals has proven her to be a great addition to the Kingsmark team!

  • Kiley

    Kiley - Office Tech

    Kiley was born and raised in Northern California near the Bay area. She graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Marine and Coastal Sciences emphasizing in organismal biology. After getting married in August of 2017, she moved to Flagstaff with her husband, so he could attend NAU’s Physical Therapy program. In her spare time, she loves playing sports, going on hikes, cooking, baking, reading and traveling to places she has never been. She aspires to continue her education in the medical field or to become an entrepreneur in the animal industry. As time goes on she hopes to have a family and many more adventures along the way! Kingsmark is lucky to be a part of her journey to success!

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